Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tears of Joy

Well .. it's Christmas time and with that comes shopping and lots of it. Well it's really hard supporting 3 people sometimes and trying to get everything that everyone wants so money has been tight. And credit it's something you use and don't even think it will ever end, that is until the day you go to the store and they tell you I'm sorry it's been declined (tear). So this is a major bummer. So I gave my card to my mother and if I don't have cash from now on I can't buy it, period! It's the way it has to be from now on. Luckily Kirk has finally finished paying his repossessed car (from before he met me) so he will have extra money and can maybe take on an extra bill. Things are just too expensive in life you know. I don't even remember the last time we were able to go out to dinner you know, and I love going out just me him and the baby. (tear again). Any who I made a mistake a happy one. I seriously thought this week I would have no money (well this Friday because that's when I get paid and that's also the day I send the bills out for the week), but it turns out my two bills aren't for the same week, it's for separate weeks so I will have money to spend this weekend! Yippee ... and I can pay my mother back for the purchase she had to pay for at Old Navy because my card was declined (tear). I don't want to have to owe her money you know, it's never fun owing people money. (well family cause due creditors LOL). So tears of joy for being able to pay my mom back for that purchase (all xmas gifts i wanted to get thank god she was with me) and that i will have a lil extra money! Ok my happiness has been said, and my embarrassment of my shopping addiction that has gotten out of hand to an absolute extreme.

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Michelle said...

Sorry about being declined. BEing in debt is not fun at all. I'm glad that Kirk will be able to help you out a little bit and that your bills are due at different times.