Thursday, November 15, 2007

Scrappy Mood

I'm hoping to get a couple of challenges done tonight (cross fingers). I really want to get a lot done tonight, it's been a while and I'm feeling the with drawls.

Today is my Father's Birthday, unfortunately he's working so we can't really celebrate it. Hopefully we can pick up a cake tomorrow and sing him Happy Birthday (which btw is Isabella's favorite song, she will sing that song ALL day). We bought him a new recliner, he still needs to get used to it. He's not the type that likes new things. Very much a routine kind of man. I really need to get to the store and buy him a card for Isabella to give him. She's such a man crazy girl, she only loves the men in her lives. Oh the things that will come in the future, am I ready for a boy crazy teenager, probably not haha.

My thoughts are just really random and not really cohesive but that's how I'm feeling. I'm going to meet one of my Whores this weekend, should be interesting. Chez I'll see you on Saturday! We're meeting up in Hershey Pa, I'm hoping to catch a few moments to take Isabella to the chocolate factory or at least the store and just get lots and lots of chocolate. My brother said if I was going to go meet Charlie at the factory hahah. We love that movie so much!

Alright I really should be working right now so let me get back to it .. or at least pretend to while I sneak a peek at Kitchen Nightmares haha.


Michelle said...

Have a wonderful time meeting Chez! I'm jealous! Happy Bday to your Dad. Hope you get those lo done. :)

Holly said...

I know what you mean about scrappy withdrawls! I've been making Christmas gifts with all of my spare time, and haven't scrapped in a couple of weeks. It's starting to make me quite grumpy! ;0) I might have to put the Christmas projects down tonight, and just get to scrappin'. Hope you enjoyed the chocolate factory, and your dad's birthday!