Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Unpubbed Entry

So there's this fabulous site Unpubbed Here is the LO we are supposed to lift this week ... Here

Here is my interpretation of that LO and my entry for the challenge.

The pictures are of my daughter and one of her many weekend adventures into the pool. She loves the water so much I predict there will be many pictures and LO's of her in the pool this summer. I should probably make a book about just her and water because it's one of the things she loves so much besides her soft fleece blankets.

Thank you card ...

My mom's friend gave us the cutest frame with Isabella's name on it ...

The picture still has the cardboard corners, I didn't want to take it out until I am ready to hang it up on the wall, whenever that will be. I had to send her a thank you card (my mom made me lol), I thought I had one laying around that I had previously done but of course I didn't so I had to do one real quick, I think I made this card in under 20 mins. I kinda liked it really.


Everyday Isabella's hair is growing more and more (even with little curls on the back), she always has some funny hair do's ... especially after she wakes up. Well after she got out of the pool my friend decided to mess with her hair and this is what he came up with ...

She looked so cute regardless of her hair. She's such a tough cookie.

Only thing Completed this weekend...

This was the only thing I could get done this weekend it's a left from here. I think for this week I'm going to do lift after lift after lift so I can get back in the swing of LO's, which desperately need to be put into books.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Another mini book

This is one of Isabella's ABC books that I altered with pictures of our day at the park. I don't know what it is but I'm so into mini books lately. I just love them.

Secret Sister Swap

I did this one over the weekend, it's for my Secret Sister. We all met up in Costa Mesa, California for a scrapbook expo. We had to make something for our SS, so why not a book of our memories. When I finished it, I wanted to keep it. I'll probably make myself the same book another day when I have time.

Mini Book Monday

This is one I did last night for the "Whore Auction". I really liked the way it turned out. Almost want to keep it myself. That's the hard things with making cute things, it's just so damn hard to part with when they are completed. But We'll see what happens, maybe I'll bid on it and get to keep it lol.

Monday, May 14, 2007

10 Pictures+

So the next challenge I had was to creat a LO using at least ten pictures. Which is not something that I usually do, I've been real big on only using one picture lately. Limites the number of pictures I have to print out. Well I made a two page LO, I was going to lift a friend which I guess I sorta did, but didn't, this is
Melissa's LO and here's my LO:

I actually had a lot of fun trying to put all the pictures together and figuring out how this LO was going to turn. But I'm actualy quite proud of it, now I'm off to bed!

Hater Circle Journals

So I finally got around to doing my title page and the first page (I already posted the second page of my 2 page lo of the person I dislike the most. I also got a chance to finish the circle journal I received last week where we had to scrap some of our not so pretty pictures, which believe me I have more than enough.

Here is the title page of my hater book and the first page:

I added the second page so you can get idea of what the first three pages are like. Now here is Amy's hater circle journal of the worst pictures:

Mother's Day Gifts

So for the three mother's in my life (yes I did one for "it" cause I couldn't be mean on that day), I made scrapbook in a box, I showed you one without the pictures but here are the other two and also the three together from the outside.

This one I did for a friend of the family:

This is the one I made for my mother:

They were a huge hit with everyone and I actually enjoyed making them for everyone and can't wait to make some more one day.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Redo of first LO ever!!!

So I had a challenge to redo my first layout ever. I searched high and low through all my books to find the oldest ones. I think this is the first one because this was before any of my vacation trips that I had scrapped, which was why I started scrapping to begin with. Here is my original Layout ...

This is me redoing it 3 years later, I like both but that's just me :-)

Unfortunately I didn't have the cutouts from the first LO because it was from the playbill book, and I thought I had found it while I was cleaning. Actually I'm pretty sure I found it but I've abandonded my cleaning for a few days and someone so graciously threw it away and I couldn't find it. So Se la vi! I did the best I could. For the redo page I just want to make sure to give credit where credit was due because I did scrap lift off of Nmink100 on Two Peas, that's the link to her LO that I lifted. I just hope if someone ever lifts my ideas that they too would credit me even if I never knew about it hehe.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

My ATC Adventure

I've never really been into ATC cards, but I figured I saw a swap let me join it and see what happens. For the longest time I couldn't figure out what to do for it because I'm not really artsy artsy which is what I think of when I think of ATC cards, because if you think about it that is an artist's business card. I don't have a business card nor do I have a need for one at the moment. After much thought and deliberation I finally came up with something I think I liked, and I don't care if anyone else likes it really. My first attempt was horrible though, it looked slightly childish, here it is ...

It's a music related ATC card, which I love all kinds of music but really r&b and just smooth music you can dance or just relax to. I love Justin Timberlake his whole albums are just fabulous, but then after I made that card I started thinking, is he who represents me the most. I would have to say no, I love him but he doesn't complete me. I'm a true r&b girl at heart, I need the heartbroken songs, the love songs, the smooth songs, the songs you can get that "sexual healing" to. So I thought of my all time favorite people who I would never switch off, which consisted of Biggie, 112, Jodeci .. just all my favorite from the 90's because that's when music was good. So I made my ATC card about 112, my fav group and here it is...

Each card has different phrases of one of their songs ... 112 - "Your Letter"
I love that song!

The Much Hated

So my task was to complete a layout about someone you disliked very much. I did it twice because I disliked that person that much. Plus it was for a contest and I wasn't sure if the first was going to go over well, which didn't matter because I never had enough time to post the second. Here is the first layout.

Here is my second layout, even though I really like this one better because it's cleaner I couldn't put it into the challenge, but luckily I can use it for something else. The girls in my group are doing Hater circle journals. Mine is of course the person you hate the most so it worked out perfectly actually. I can't wait to get this circle journal going, it's going to be fabulous to see everyone's ideas and what not.