Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A page for Two challenges...

So I killed two birds with one stone so to speak. I had a challenge of using three patterned papers, and a challenge where I had to lift the first LO on the list for Two Peas Gallery. Worked out really cute because I've been dying to scrap this picture of my brother. I swear he always has silly things on his head. We were actually talking about how he should do a photo a day with something weird on his head every time. It would at least be entertaining. Here's the LO I did:

Just to give recognition to the person I lifted from. The lucky person to be the first on two peas at that very moment was amytangerine. Here is her LO:

I love challenges because it gives me a purpose to get off my butt and start scrapping, deadlines are even better because they make me have to and want to do them as quickly and as cutely as possible. I love lifting too, which reminds me I need to get to work on my scrapjacked LO. It will be my first since discovering this whole blogging community, I was in the dark ages.

Scrapbook in a BOX!

So I saw this in a group that I'm in and have been dying to try it. Sure enough I had time last night since I pretty much took my desk apart and everything is sitting on a table and the floor, I bought cubes yesterday to organize all my stuff. This should definitely be fun to go through everything and realize that I had stuff I didn't know I had. Oh to be a scrapper with so much stuff, it's fabulous. So major cleaning this week and throwing out lots of stuff. It will be sad to part with but honestly what am I going to do with soooo many scraps and what not. The foamies luckily I gave it to my 8 yr old cousin and she loved them.

So Mother's day is coming up soon. My goal is to make everyone a scrapbook in a box. It's a really cute idea gift and after I finished my first one last night I really have to agree with that. I will be doing one for my mother, my cousin, my friend, and my boyfriend's mother. It was relatively easy and quick. I did the one for my cousin last night, unfortunately I couldn't put the pictures in because my printer didn't want to play nice. But here are the pictures without the pictures (which will go in the white spots):

This is the box closed:

This is the first layer:

The second layer:

The third and final layer of the box:
It was really fun to make and I can't wait to make even cuter ones. If anyone wants instructions please let me know. They are great for gift giving!

Monday, April 23, 2007

ABC Tin completed

Here are the remainder of the inserts as well as the tin itself. Since there are not enough inserts I think I will probably do some more sections to completely fill the tin to capacity. Here is what I finished up:

I really liked how everything turned out, I know that when she grows up she will have so many memories to look at and share with everyone else. I do this more for her to document her life as it goes on. I know there will be much appreciation for them.
I did another LO as well, but unfortunately I cannot post it yet or I will be kicked out of that competition, so I'll be posting it on Friday. I thought it came out sooo cute too, but we shall see how well it does. On the other hand tonight I should be scrapping some more if I have time. Because I saw some organizers are on sale at one of the local stores, I might be doing that for a couple days. Going to tear down my desk and destroy it and then put cubes up. Can't wait I'm so excited to finally possibly have all my stuff well organized!! Anyone want to help?

Friday, April 20, 2007

My Many Moods Mini Book

This was the second part of a challenge where I had to alter something. I thought why not alter a mini book. It took me a while to figure out what the subject was going to be about. But finally I thought of all the funny faces I have of my daughter and how cute of an idea that would be. Then the next part was figuring out what paper I would use. I finally decided on some new Basic Grey I had laying around. Funny thing is most of it was scraps becasue I've used it before. I think it came out really cute though.

I really liked the way it turned out and it only took me a cpl hours to complete. It was more time just contemplating what I was going to do and how. But I love it.

Christmas Revisted

So I was forced to finally scrap a page for Christmas of '06. I haven't even really looked at the pictures. It wasn't that I didn't have a nice Christmas it just wasn't as excited. Holidays as you get older are turning more blah every day. So I tried creating the LO from a BH Sketch, I'm not thrilled with the outcome but none the less it's my work.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What I got done Last Night

So I am in this group and we are doing this cute little challenge with many mini challenges. Here is one where I had to do a LO about a medication within 24 hours. I think it came out kind of cute, and who would ever scrap this but I did and it's totally me.

I'm also in another group (I'm such a group whore sometimes) and there is another challenge I am trying to complete there as well. The challenge was to scrap a conversation with a loved one. That's mostly difficult cause my conversations with loved ones aren't always that fabulous and rare at that. So this is what I came up with.

It's not my best work but it's hard coming up with a lo that's due tomorrow and it's 11 o'clock at night and you have to be up by 6:30. I know complaining, but I had a fun time trying to make a quick LO and I think it worked out good.