Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Beach Pictures Continued

I will be doing massive amounts of beach pictures and some other ones, just trying to catch up on all the photos I have that I need to scrap. Here are three layouts for you to check out.
Kirk put our names in the sand and then took a picture of it, I thought it was too cute so I had to add it to the family picture.
Here's Isabella hanging off the side of the restaurant that we were eating at. She was standing on the table (don't worry I promise you I was holding her you can even see my forehead peeking out on the second picture). She was all smiles for her daddy. She's such a daddy's girl. He loves it that's for sure.
Here's a picture of my friend at the beach, it was her first time at the Jersey Shore. She said it was too damn cold for her, it was just too funny seeing her squirm at the touch of the water that I had to keep snapping pictures of her consecutively running away from the water every time it came close to her. We had a really great time that day and next year we will definitely do it during the summer time when we can actually attempt to go in the water and not freeze to death.


Mrs. Chez said...

oo you've been busy!! It's too cold to be doing beach LO's lol

Michelle said...

Wow those are great! I adore the picture with you peeking out. Kirk is so funny! Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing.

Jenni said...

I love the beach layouts! I love that picture of you, Kirk and Isabella.