Monday, August 24, 2009

Yah thanks to Kelly!!

First I did these the other day - yes more twilight you know the new movie is coming out soon right!!! Can't wait of course to see how this one turns out i think it will be better than the first one, I hope but again nothing will quite compare to the books ever. My Fabulous friend Kelly sent me some scrap stuff, a whole box full of major goodies and I finally got a chance to work on some stuff today. Hope she's proud of me lol. The first is of my parents they just celebrated their 33rd anniversary of being married. Crazy right, one day I'll make it there ... maybe who knows.
The second is a pic of my family chillin on the bench after it rained while we were on vacation, just relaxing and killing some time together - good times. I had so much fun on vacation there are definitely some memories I won't be forgetting any time soon. If you want to check out my vacation pics they are on my flickr account.

Hopefully I'll get to scrap some more tomorrow because I printed at least eight pictures so I have stuff to scrap for sure and I'm ready to go today was a lot of fun. I used only what she gave me (other than the rhinestones and the flowers cause if you scrap i'm sure you have a crapload of prima flowers from way back when. I need to make one of those ball things to get rid of them you know like a flower pot or something, maybe i'll do that one day. how do you make it again with pins right?)
Thanks for checking out my stuff, more to come for sure and also I'm working on a special project for a swap I'm in where it is a twilight altered book. In other words it's an entire book (more than 100 pages) scrapped and altered and filled with Twilight Saga goodness, can't wait to unveil that one, I'm really happy with a lot of the pages. I'm almost done I just have to wait till I finish before I start to scan cause I just KNOW it's going to take me forever and a day literally to scan all those pages. I'm off it's late and I'm tired and just a tad bit sick, laterz!