Sunday, March 8, 2009

Update lots of pictures

Here's a picture of my daughter from today she looks like a tough skater chick with that bandaid and that dirty look, i love it!!! BTW don't tell Wal-mart that she took the bandaid and killed the box lol, she's so bad and I'm worse for letter her do it but everyone does it at least once lol.
I went to a coworkers baby shower and this has to be the first baby shower i went to that had drag queen comedians for entertainment, no games or nothing like that no attention on the mother to be at all, it was all about the drag queens, it was a first and it was too funny.I went to a wedding show in front of Macy's in Menlo Park mall with my friend. the dresses wasn't all that but it was fun none the less. I love this first one because it was all big and flowy. i loved sharing this experience with my friend because i'm not really a part of the wedding other than a guest, eh whatever i'm not really mad at that. i don't think i'm wedding material. like yeah i know what i mean if u know what i mean lol.
Here are the atc's i've done lately i know they are a lot lol, some pictures came out good others didn't sorry i'm lazy sometimes and other times not so much haha.

this one on top is actually an altered journal, i'm so not good at altering journals but i tried.

here are two bookmarks i made for a swap again i'm not so great at bookmarks i couldn't make it too embelished cause duh it goes in a book but i dont think it turned out toooo bad.

I will be going to the circus next weekend so expect many many pictures since it will really be my first experience at a circus, and my daughters too. cross fingers that it goes well LOL there will be five of us going. me, kirk, isabella my mom and uncle. I can't wait i'm so excited that i'm going to the circus!!!!