Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring is here

here's a pic of isabella making piles in the dirt while her dad was taking the weeds out to get ready for planting soon. Easter sunday we went over to my brothers and had an easter egg hunt, here's isabella with her godparents helping her find the eggs. she picked them up but they helped her find them all, i think in the end she had the most eggs but no money in them.
here are some of the eggs hidden on the tree, the kids couldn't reach but they passed them by and my brother gave them to isabella.

just a random picture of isabella outside playing.

Friday, April 17, 2009


if you take them .... they will come

Monday, April 6, 2009

another monday night

Here are some Atc's i worked on tonight. i love how all these twilight atc's turn out and haha i just noticed i scanned one of them upside down LOL i'm so not doing it over lol but you get the picture maybe one day i'll separate these so you can get a closer look. oh and lately i've been a lot of those dollar stamps you know the ones i'm talking about in the Michael's bin etc i'm lovin those lil clear stamps i want them all i'm going to just get a really big collection of them. i used some in some of the atc's i made below. for example the last one that's a stamped image and then i just covered it with stickles. another love of mines which i need to stock up on again. ugh can't wait till Thursday cause it's pay day. i could use the moolah i'm so broke lol. enjoy the atc's i'm going to try and go do something so i can take pictures at least.

Friday, April 3, 2009

A miracle has happened

A miracle happened today ... i actually scrapped three pages. here are two of the three that i did. the other one is still drying and i'm just super tired. it's been ages since i've scrapped but talkin to my girls yesterday gave me the biggest urge to do some pages. i have no clue what's out there anymore in the scrapbook world so hopefully mines seem up to date i dont' want to be all old skool and shit lol. the first is my friend we surprised her for her birthday with a party. the second is my lil punk beauty isabella. she's so gangsta sometimes lol i need to teach her the word YO hahah nah that would get too annoying after a while.

Here are the last atc's i made. i made more after that but unfortunately i never took pictures of them. i think after this i'm goign to have to start scanning them cause the pics are just not turning out that well duh lol. i'm lovin how they turned out though. most of them are for me which is weird cause i never do any for myself so i had to. i'm doing a whole twilight alphabet thing for myself too. anyways thanks for looking.

i'll probably make more atc's tomorrow i'll have to think about it thought cause it all depends on what i do tomorrow. i'm going to go see the fast and furious and i can't wait. i hope it's as good as the first one. plus vin diesel and paul walker are HOT HOT HOT!!!! i'll be drooling just watching them. can't wait. then on sunday we're going to a farm to hang out with the animals and do an egg hunt. hopefully it wont rain because then we won't be able to go. alright it's late and i'm tired. until then.