Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sleep ...

Something I wish I could do, and am contemplating doing right now LOL. Here's a new LO I did for a challenge from my whores. I like how it turned out even if I didn't like the original lift too much lol.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm on a roll

The first layout is of my daily routine other than my daughter in the second picture you see my purse, bills, shopping bags and responsibility! The next two lo's are of places I want to visit one day, and I'll get there ONE DAY.

Monday, January 28, 2008


Can you believe I'm already at 43. I'm so excited, I'm actually contemplating moving it to 100 LO's before I go shopping. I'm just so happy to be using old paper and trying to get rid of my stash. I think I'm just going to keep going with it and if I want to buy I'll buy in limited amounts. I know I will def buy when I get my tax return back. I'll go bananas on those thickers lol. I desperately need an update on my thickers stash. Also when I get my tax return I think the number one thing I'll be buying is D Ring binders. All my LO's right now for a very long time I mean more than a hundred for sure are just sitting in a file drawer dying to be organized. That should def be a fun day. Thanks for checking out my Lo's it's been fun!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fairy Costume

I'm not thrilled with the way these turned out but the pictures are really cute of Isabella playing dress up for the first time in her fairy costume. The mini coaster book is pictures of my family and why I love them is the journaling. It's 3 am right now so excuse me for not being more descriptive but I def need to go and get some sleep.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Valentine Project Started

The first LO was for a challenge I did, it's Isabella wearing her Elvis glasses that I bought for a funny glasses photo shoot with my friends. Those are the only pair she kept for herself and she puts it on everyone and everything. She looks so cute in them too. She's my little dancing Elvis. The second LO is the start of a valentine project I'm doing for Kirk. It's going to be one of his gifts. Hand made is the best possible gift to give to anyone because you know they put there heart and time into it. Last year I made him a coaster book, I'm sure it's in my archives. Anywho thanks for looking!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

15 more to go

So this LO I did for a challenge, let me tell you how I racked my brain trying to figure out how I was going to do this LO that was totally not my style but I had to do the lift cause I just have to do every challenge I get. But I think it came out okay ...

Here's Isabella hanging out with her fashion doll head. She's been into combing people's hair but she doesn't realize how hard she does it so we went out and bought her this doll. She's been carrying it around everywhere she goes. Too funny and too cute and I just had to share.

Tag Crazy

Last night I was in journaling tag heaven LOL. I must have made so many tags and I didn't end up having any time for scrapbooking, tonight though for sure. Can't wait. I'm going to work on a little calendar book idea that I saw on Two Peas (I'll make sure to link the original so you can see where I lifted the brilliant idea). Check out my Etsy if you have a minute to see all the new things I put up and I'll be posting later tonight (probably after midnight) the new LO's and stuff I plan on working on tonight. Have a good day everyone! Here's a couple pictures of the tags themselves.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I'm almost there I can TASTE it!

I have 32/50 Lo's completed. I'm so close I can taste it. I love that I've been having challenges everyday and that I could scrap almost everyday it's a lovely thing. Weekends are always hard for me to scrap but maybe I can get something done tomorrow morning, we'll see I guess. I have a birthday party to go to tomorrow. That should be fun and great pictures to take of course. I should probably go charge my camera battery, hmm maybe. Oh well off to eat dinner as always thanks to everyone for checking out my blog.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Scrappin Machine

That's what I feel like I'm just whipping LO's left and right. Tonight I finished 4 more Lo's. The first one is off the Pig we had for dinner during Christmas in Florida. My mom being the silly person that she is had to have a picture with the head. So nasty I didn't even want to touch it let alone look at it. but the rest of it was seriously delish lol. Sorry to the non meat eaters out there but it was yummy. The second LO is of Isabella checking out the tree at the hotel. She kept saying Ball Ball to the ornaments, it was so cute and she looked adorable in her Dora Christmas dress. The next LO is of me and Brenda hanging out at our New year's get together. I love taking pictures and it's just great when we have people over who love taking pictures too. The last LO is of Isabella at Sea World, but I used it to represent some of the things she loves right now at 18 months old. I love all my LO's. Thanks for looking.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

2 Birds with one Stone

Or more like two challenges with one LO. I love trying out different challenges (it's just fun to try and be creative with other people's challenges). I did this LO for One Little Word challenge of the word STILL (which I instilled the still together title. Also for the Scrapjacked challenge of a lift, the two just fit perfect together so I couldn't help myself. It's a picture of me and Kirk on New Years, my friend took the picture and she made me take that liquor bottle and pretend to drink it. We were just fooling around and having a great time and I hope there are many more to come. Thanks for looking and this makes 28/50 for my stash diet. I think I may even extend it, I'm loving using all my old stuff and not spending so much on new product, even if I want it.


I love it when I have time to scrap, even more when I have challenges to do. Here's two for my personal lift challenges from one of my groups. The first LO is some of my favorite things such as Isabella, my Coach bags, my collection of cameras, dvds, twizzlers and photos. I love all those things so much and could never have enough of them! The second LO is so funny, it's the picture from an earlier post of Isabella using yogurt as hair gel. She's too funny for words.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


This is a LO I did for one of my own personal lift challenges. This is my favorite cousin Mabel. She's the best even though we've had our differences we still stick together. Gotta love family. This was taken at her house during the Christmas party. We had a good time I'd like to think :-)

Magistical Memories

Here is my entry for Magistical Memories Challenge. I love taking pictures with the people I love in my life, and who couldn't I love more than my own family. Here's pictures with my younger brother and one of my favorite cousins (his sister is my first fav cousin LOL). These were taken at our Christmas party that we had in Florida. I just love using any of the Love Elsie lines and Noel is no different lol. Thanks for looking.

Paper Adventures 08


Here is my journal for the Paper adventures 08 Challenge. I love how this book turned out and I can't wait for the rest of the challenges to come out. Check out the website and take the challenge with me. It's a great way to journal things you wouldn't normally think of.


I did three Lo's last night but unfortunately I can't share them because they are a surprise! ... but believe me I've done them and they are totally cute IMO, if and when they receive the gift then I can post them, if I remember. I also did three journals last night, they are Very CUTE! I already put them up on my Etsy so you can check them out there. Hopefully I will be doing another few Lo's tonight.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Layouts galore, I got four completed Sunday night. I love how the all turned out. I have Halloween and New Years Lo's. The halloween has everyone's costumes using halloween paper from Oriental Trading. The pic of me and Kirk was on New years using Scenic Route, and so is the pic of Erik and his hat. As for my friend Diana that ususes Scenic route as well and some of the oriental trading paper.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


So I made tow more journals today. I think they are totally cute and I love them. I might keep them who knows. I'll decide tomorrow I guess LOL.
I couldn't resist posting this picture of my daughter. I was drying my mothers hair today while baking cookies and watching my daughter. Yes I'm a total multi tasker. Well I turned around to do a certain section of my mothers hair. I moved over and my mother says, "OMG what happened!" Sure enough I turn around to see this. She took her yogurt and put it all over her hair like gel. She saw me doing my mothers hair and wanted to do her own hair. Oh it was a mess but I love her for being so silly LOL. It matched her pj's.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


So I was on a roll tonight, I didn't want to stop but I had to because Kirk was on his way home and he hates seeing the room a complete mess. So in my group we've been having a different challenge every day. The following two is for Thursday and Friday's challenge due dates. I am finally getting things done and I'm loving it. Also I FINALLY used some pirate stuff. I bought all the lines cause I'm a shopaholic but have yet to use it until now and I think it's pretty cute IMO. The second LO is a Thanksgiving lo, I just really liked the way Isabella was crawling on the couches and at one point she was crawling towards me and I snapped this real quick. She will jump on anything, crawl on anything, walk on anything she is one hyper kid.

This is something I tried making after I saw a tutorial. I think it's cute. I printed out two pictures of vintage ads and cut about 50 pages and bound it together to make a journal. I thought it came out so nice and I just can't wait to make some more. I was ready to make the next one but then realized it was almost midnight. So it was time to clean up and this is all I could make today.

Monday, January 7, 2008


Here are my next three LO's ... I'm getting Christmas done here and then hopefully I can work on Halloween. I know I'm working a little backwards but that's alright LOL. Then maybe I'll do a quick 2 pg lo of Thanksgiving while I'm at it. The first LO is of me and Kirk and our presents. He was so damn happy when he opened his present to find a small LED flashlight (yes he actually asked for that and is his absolute favorite present, he's just a little bit weird lol but I love him). I got tons of clothes and a couple cameras and odds and ends. We were all happy just to get something you know. The second LO is of my and MOST of my cousins, we weren't all there but a hell of a lot of us were and all the grown ups (yes i'm grown up but I don't feel like it just yet) wanted to get a picture of all of us together. I love this picture because there are so many of us together which is a rare event. The third LO is of the Christmas tree that I adopted. It's actually my older brothers. Because we weren't doing Christmas at home my mom didn't get a tree. So I'm stealing his and calling it ours since all of our presents went under that tree. We had a lot of fun making a mess in house house. I heart Christmas sometimes.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Here are the beginning lo's of my vacation to Florida. This is one of the nights we went out drinking in downtown Orlando. We had so much fun. I love hanging out with my cousin. It's something that just doesn't happen enough. Hopefully this year we weill be able to spend more time together. We'll make it happen!!! The second layout is of my little brother. We all got so tipsy on some really strong Long Island Ice Tea's. Man they were yummy!