Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thinking about Fall

Yes I know spring isn't here yet but I'm still thinking about Fall. I just love October the whole month is just amazing with so many things to do. Here's a Lo of my friends (mother and daughter) in the middle of a huge cornfield I thought it was hilarious that she was peeking through the corn stalk to see what her kid was doing. The title in case you can't see the whole thing says "I know what you did last October". I know I love movies so much I incorporated it into my title. I'm just happy and surprised I actually scrapped but now that I bought my Halloween papers up I will be doing many more lo's about our corn maze adventures and pumpkin picking oh and I can't forget the apple picking we did this year. I can't wait till it's time to pick some strawberries it will definitely be our first time and man is it going to be super yummy lol. Thanks for checking out my stuff.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Lifting Challenge

I love lift challenges they are always so much fun. So I found this pretty cool chick, Karla, randomly when I was searching scrap blogs and she is doing a lift challenge where you lift a LO from the person who commented before you. Does that make sense? It took me a minute but I got it LOL. Here's the link for the LO for the original lift here and this is my lift of this challenge.
I love when you can go on other people's blogs and find even more cooler people randomly out of the blue. It's even better when you can find people who have challenges and inspiration for your own work.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I scrapped too

Paper Adventures Updated

I can't believe I got all these done but I am now proudly up to date with my paper adventures. I also included the cover because some "whore" was asking me what my cover looked like lol. Thanks for looking, feels good to get things completed. I needed this today. And I'll thank my youngest brother and my friend for coming over and brightening up my day.

Put on Hold

So there have been a lot of Family issues that have been going on and have deterred (sp?) me from doing my next 50. It's been issues galore left and right. We're all trying to deal with it and move on with our lives but as of my last few LO's I haven't really done anything and honestly I'm going to try and do something every night but its getting harder and harder. Hopefully when everything calms down and the norm sets in I can get things done. There's a lot of rearranging going on. My daughter will finally have her own room, so that should be interesting to find out how she reacts to having her own room. Me and Kirk bought a rug last night and it was crazy trying to get it into my Corolla LOL. Needless to say we had to fold the hell out of it and drive home quickly (in the rain no less) to make sure no creases would stay in the rug. It's cute I think it was called pebble sand or something like that from the Home DePOT (that's how I pronounce it for fun). And we got some white paint tonight we will be shopping for some bedding for her new toddler bed (she won't be sleeping in it yet but still needs to look pretty). Fun times ahead, fun times. (As I say with a blank look on my face because I'm still reeling emotionally from this weekend but it too shall pass) Anywho cross your fingers that I can do some work tonight, at least maybe catch up with my paper adventures I'm truly slacking!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Punch Art

Sorry for not the best picture but it's late and i'm tired. This idea was taken from Ali's weekend creatives. She always has the cutest ideas. It looks like her frame was much bigger but this is the frame I got. I tried to stay in a black red pink and white zone. I wanted to keep punhcing butterflies like a mad woman but they wouldn't all fit lol. Next time I'll def get myself a bigger frame. I hope other people take the time to try this weekend creative out. Obviously it doesn't have to be butterflies that just really happened to work out good for me. I did do a couple pages of Kirk's v-day album but again I got tired so it will have to wait to be finished during the weekend if possible. Thanks for checking out my stuff. I'll try and get a better picture tomorrow.

UPDATE: No longer for "it" I'm probably going to redo the butterflies in a pink brown tone because that's what I'm planning on making my room if not then I"ll do it all black and white not sure yet it's still up in the air but look for another one of these. At least the picture, the frame I might even color not sure yet we'll see. But black def doesn't mix in with my furniture.

I've got the Crave

No, not for White Castle although that almost sounds yummy right now because I'm starving. I've got the crave to scrapbook. It's been days thanks to my every loving sick boyfriend. I swear when he's home I can't get anything done especially when he's sick. He's a bigger baby than Isabella LOL. It's a cold cold day today, supposedly more snow either tomorrow or this weekend I can't remember. But another weekend wasted. Maybe I can get everything out and organize it, LOL as if I have the patience for that but I will try of course. Today is Valentine's day and I really had a mini album planned but everytime I was going to start it my boyfriend would come home from work cause he was sick. Ugh so forget that idea. Tomorrow is my friends birthday, I was contemplating making something for her but again no time to do it in. Maybe if my bf finally goes to work and actually stays there and my daughter can go to sleep at a decent hour I can work something out and make her a quick mini album of something. We'll see what the day turns up. Damn I'm cold .. someone come be my valentinge lol. You know I really wish my boyfriend would be romantic sometimes you know I've never gotten flowers at work how awesome would that be to show off in front of everyone. To show people hey I'm loved aren't you jealous cause come on that's the only reason we do things like that it's to make other people jealous like crap why don't I have that you know. Ha ha but alas I highly doubt it will ever happen. Even if I leave hints it just won't happen. Oh well it's just another day I guess, so happy v-day to those out there that are actually celebrating it, i'm jealous. Nuff said.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

8 out of 50 in two days

I'm kicking some serious ass and loving it. Here's another layout for our daily challenge in my group. I love these things because it gives me a starting point and it helps me get things done quicker.

Scrap the Music

Music makes the world go round. So why not scrap what you here. That's the concept being Scrappin the Music. Here is my attempt at there most recent challenge of the song "All the Same" by Sick Puppies. I took the title literally as in it's all the same. Last year, this year the year before it has all been the same for me and my boyfriend through thick and thin we are still holding strong together. I found these two pictures one was taken last week and the other was taken sometime last year in the beginning and I though tit was so funny that they are so similar because things are still all the same.

Pencil Lines

This has to be one of my favorite Lo's that I've ever done. Everything just fit perfectly together and I have to thank Pencil Lines for this great sketch. I can't believe though that I'm still scrapping beach pictures haha. But you know it feels really good to be getting these things completed. I'm loving this stash diet thing. I'll probably keep doing it forever or at least until I get a significant amount of my supplies used up.

Color Your World

I love that the scrapping world is heard around the world lol. I found this great website with fabulous challenges. It's called "Color Your World. This is my entry for their 10th challenege. I love the diversity of lo's from different countries it's a great way to expand you're scrapbooking likes and dislikes. The challenge was to scrap hearts, and who could I possibly love more than my daughter.

Sat Night Fun

I'm starting my 50 Lo's again and here are the first four. I went old school with the stack paper lol. I'm happy not to spend any more money on anything other than adhesive. I need to get rid of all the product I have before the new lines from CHA comes out. I've made two purchases after my last fifty. I bought tons of thickers from Scrapgal and I bought about four binders and some protective sheets from Joanns. I need to desperately get my stuff organized for sure. Maybe I'll have some time tomorrow (cross fingers) to at least take the lo's out if not then Monday for sure.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'm Feeling PINK

Today I felt very pink. It's funny because the whole pink concept for today came from finally finding the hambly rub ons I bought but sure enough I didn't use any of them LOL. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to use them, but I'm not sure because I will be a baking queen making a heart shaped birthday cake. Should be fun.

Scrapbook Charms

Please take a minute to check out my Scrapbook Charms .. not sure if the word is getting out on them I think they are great and very cute. Would be a great gift for any scrapbooker out there. Here are a couple pictures I have up. All the little books open up which is a cute interactive element of these charms. You can purchase them here My Etsy Shop. Sorry for whoring myself out like this LOL.


I found this site, I don't even know how but I did and I think it's fabulous. I've always wanted to see the world so why not see it through postcards from around the world. And I could always make a little book with postcards I receive so it's a win win kind of situation. Check it out, it's called PostCrossing. It's a great concept you have to send cards to receive cards. Limit of five at a time. It's a fabulous idea and just something cute to do. It doesn't take too much time to find a postcard stick a stamp on it and mail it. You never know who you could meet. I got my five names today and I'm going to try and send them out by this weekend. I just have to go and find some postcards lol. I know I have tons I just have to go and find them.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Wohoo Giants!

I'm finished with my 50, I'm now going to go buy some d-ring binders to organize the million lo's i have lying around and get rid of some of those old scrapbooks.

Friday, February 1, 2008


So I'm working on this weekend project that I started last night. I went out and bought some letters that spell out "LOVE" to do one of Ali Edwards weekend creative. In this one you get some small wooden letters (which I may have bought them too big because they don't fit in my purse but then again my purses are always small), and take pictures of them in different places. I painted the letters last night and took two quick pics of them and I'll post more pictures later after I get them done.

I'm going to take some at work and hopefully if the weather cooperates which so far it's not since it's a rainy day I can take some pics outside in different areas.