Friday, November 2, 2007

Random Lo's

So I've been very busy scrapping lately and I really love it. Here are two lo's I did. The first LO is a complete lift from Becky Fleck's Page Maps it's her first sketch and the first LO. It was so funny because I kept cutting the wavy paper the wrong way. I totally meant to put it horizontal but unfortunately it came out vertical, oh well life goes on it's still a cute LO in my opinion hehe.
This LO is funny because honestly I made it for the One Little Word challenge, and I was all excited that I got two challenges done today. And then I went to look at the blog and realized that I did the challenge of last week. So I suck lol! Either way it's another completed LO that's not too bad. Now I will for sure have to go and try that challenge again but definitely with the correct word this time.
I don't think I will get any Lo's completed this weekend because of the party and all but here's hoping that on Sunday I can get something done. If not then there is always Monday that's for sure. Thanks for looking as always.


Mika said...

Your believe thing looks so great. Mika (

Michelle said...

Woops! I like how it turned out even though you didn't do this weeks. Sometimes its just nice to do a challenge even if its already finished. IT looks great!

Jenni said...

Both of your layouts look great! :)