Sunday, November 9, 2008

Picture heavy

She is just too young to be like this already - talking on the phone all comfortable on the bed with her legs crossed ... she's just too much and she's only two.
I don't know what it is about babies but she loves them all, she has like five babies and i'm sure for Christmas she will have five more.
Here we are carving pumpkins ... i think i was the only one who finished actually carving a pumpkin i dont know i think we started too late and everyone was way too tired to actually finish a pumpkin so they all pretty much sucked this year.

Here is Isabella in her sparkly witch costume - which by the way we found at the flea market for ten bucks brand new. cause who uses a costume more than once. she looked great in it and she had a great time running from house to house yelling trick or treat and happy halloween. it's just too funny. we all had a great time taking her around, even if she got tired after going around ONE block lol but we convinced her to keep going and by the end she was ready to go home and so were we.

here's her and her grandmother - who by the way did not go trick or treating with us. she was stuck giving out the candy, lucky her.

So i'm hoping Isabella will go to sleep early tomorrow and I will be able to do some scrap pages with these pictures - after i buy some ink of course. until then hopefully i won't take longer in updating my blog.

i will scrap i promise

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I know I've been gone a lot lately. It's hard because before I could do anything at work and not worry about getting in trouble. But here there are people constantly watching what you are doing and wondering what it is you should be doing instead of sitting there and doing nothing. Which is what I tend to do a lot of, nothing. It's not my fault they can't give me enough work to fulfill my time. Anyway i have scrap booked in a very long time. Wholeheartedly of course, I do miss it. I need to buy some ink and then I can print some pictures and we'll go from there. I'm exhausted a lot though. I go to sleep around 2am, wake up around 530am, I don't nap and I'm constantly having to watch my kid like a hawk, she is sooo bad. You have no idea. Anyway, so then i do some crafts (ATC is my obsession right now) from like 10-12am.

I completly lost my train of thought I have the worst headache right now, literally pounding from left to right and back and forth again. i feel like i have one of those machines from Saw wrapped around my head pushing the pressure in and just making me feel sick of course. Anywho I've rambled on yet again. I'm going blog hopping today, to show my love to everyone out there and show them Im still here, somewhere.


p.s. i'll try and work on at least one or two pages :-) this week.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

another lo

I'm so addicted to ATC's that it's so hard for me to do a scrapbook page. but i did one at least. even though i hate it. i really wanted to do some of my apple picking pictures but sure enough i searched and searched and searched and could not find any photo aer. so i have to buy paper before i can scrap them. i need to organize my scrap stuff it's a huge mess. i can't even find anything. maybe i'll work on that tomorrow or something. maybe. enjoy!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Apple Picking 2008 (photo heavy)

So we decided on this beautiful day (saturday) to go apple picking. we went to the same place we went to last year and it was great. because this year we went early and there were tons and tons of apples to choose from. last time there weren't many left, still a good amount but not like this time. it was fun and there were so many people there it's like everyone decided to go pick apples that day. i guess it's because it's the first nice saturday that we've had in a while. the usual suspects went, me kirk isabella my mom and my uncle. here are some of the pictures i took. i think they came out pretty good too if i do say so myself lol. i didn't pick as much personally maybe three or four but i was more preoccupied with taking pictures. enjoy more to come with pumpkin picking coming up soon.

Also we cut Isabella's hair. well trimmed the front so that she could see better. even though this isn't the first time her hair has been trimmed it's definitely the first time that i've seen it being done so it's the first time that i was able to take a picture of it. only one though because she kept wanting the camera and she wasn't supposed to move if we were cutting her hair.


I know i'm not that far along on my 50 lo's but i tell you i have been doing a lot of atcs so i think one full scan (9 atc's) should count as one lo. hehehe. But here are three lo's i did not too long ago but have been too lazy to scan and to post. i'm hoping that tomorrow i will be able to do more i have tons of atc's to do and i'm trying to get them done asap. hope you like my work i know i've enjoyed doing them.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

tomorrow maybe

I haven't been scrapping lately but I hope to get to it soon right now i'm just too obsessed with the twilight series. haha sad i know but i can't get over it. I'm hoping i'll get to do it soon though maybe tomorrow i'll do something and i can let kirk watch isabella hopefully if he feels kind enough to hook me up with that time of day to do what i want. but i have been doing a lot of atc's lately i'm just really bad at posting pictures of them cause i'm just lazy like that. but when i do some more of the pages for my about me page, those are easy to do cause they are journaling. i'm still obsessed with swap bot and just can't stop doing swaps from them. especially the atcs i'm going to have to go buy an album to put them in. anyways enough of my blabbing i just wanted to update a little something something ... on to the shower cause today it's hella hot. like how i said hella hahah that's for my cali girls.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


So, I've been busy today. I did all five lo's today. Just trying to scrap all the pictures I have lying around. I wanted to do more but my kid was being unbelievably cooperative. hehe.

Monday, September 15, 2008

3/50 completed

So our little group has started yet another stash diet. which means 50 lo's to be completed before you can buy anything at all. Luckily for me I haven't been buying anything so this should be a piece of cake. Only thing is I just have to find my mojo and get that done. Here are three lo's I did for my about me journal that I'm putting together.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

This is Me

So I love this site This is Me and I've been stalking it forever and keep saying that I'm going to do a book about me so I'm finally starting my book. It's going to be 8.5x11 jounral and I'm excited. Here is the first challenge which they just give you a subject and you scrap about it pretty much it just has to be about you. The first challenge was "In My Honest Opinion" So I spoke about money, because honestly that's the only complaint I have about at all is money money money. I hate it and I think it needs to go away forever and ever and ever.

Say it in Scrap

Here is my entry for the new Say It in Scrap" Challenge. It's actually a 12x12 LO but the other side is just the rest of the flowers and I thought when I scanned it that it just looked ok.


Here's a 32 count Matchbox that I did for a swap bot swap, I'm going to be adding extra stuff that I couldn't fit into the matchbox but I love it. It's my first and I don't think it turned out too bad. It's a Kawaii Box. I wish I had more stuff available that is small enough to fit but I don't that's why I'm just adding extra's in the package I mail.

Cancun Mini Book

Here is a mini book of my trip to Mexico that I made. It's 6x6 chipboard book and I put it in a Bo Bunny 6x6 Bo Bunny Binder. It's not all of the pictures obviously but I loved these the best. Hope you enjoy and I finally uploaded!!