Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Scrap'n Bingo

This is something that I made for Etsy. I really loved making it and even though it took me literally days to make the game up it was an absolute pleasure and I would definetly do more if his one sells in different colors and even different words. I love creating new things and his is definely something that I've never seen before. There are just no games out there for scrapbooking that I'm aware of. I know that many of us play Bingo online with picking words daily but it 's just a whole different feel when your in a room with a bunch of your girlfriends and someone screams out in joy "Bingo!", there's just no feeling of elation like that, everyone loves winning something sometimes. I know I do hehe. thanks for looking. Happy Scrapping!


Mrs. Chez said...

that is just super awesome whore!

Michelle said...

How adorable. I love your idea!

Holly said...

Such an amazingly clever idea!