Friday, September 28, 2007


I found this blog Scrapdragons when going through other scrap blogs and thought I would give their challenge a try. So here is my entry for their fourth challenge

I always love new sketches and of course a new challenge. I really rather like the way this layout turned out. I was inspired when I was bored at work to scrap this challenge today. I was originally going to use a different picture, but I've seemed to have lost it, which really irritates me because I loved that picture. It would definitely have turned out entirely different though. Enjoy, and thanks for checking out my blog!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


I never thought that I would see the day that this would happen. I mean I've seen pictures and I've heard stories but I've never experienced it before. My daughter refused to sleep ALL day, she just kept running around and living life. Well sure enough around 6 after she had her dinner I stepped away for a couple of minutes (my mother was in the room), my mom calls out for me to bring the camera of course I get it and bring it and confused, say what happened. I look at Isabella and sure enough she is completely knocked out! She just finished her last piece of hot dog and fell dead asleep in her chair! It was a beautiful sight. She was sooo exhausted, of course she only napped for like half an hour because then the phone started ringing and that killed it, but it was very peaceful for that half hour.

Grab Bag

Mine by far is no where near the best grab bag, but it was last minute and I promise the product inside is super cute, unfortunatley I can't share it with anyone because then the people in the grab bag might see it and well then it wouldn't be a grab bag hehe. I actually had fun making this, I've never decorated a gift bag before so it was interesting and fun to try and make it look pretty. I doubt anyone will guess what's inside but that's the fun part!

Secret Sister September

This is something I made for my SS, it's very simple so that she could change whatever she needs to change. The cover is actually fabric, which I'm loving more and more all the time. Hope she likes it .. which leads me to think we all have secret sisters or do swaps all the time as scrappers. Do you ever wonder what people do with the things we send them? Do they like what you took so much time to make for them? Do they just toss it to the side? So many questions and you can ask but are you really going to get an honest answer? You just never know in my opinion.

Time for a Change!

I'm going to be adding pictures to this blog, not only Lo's. I made myself a cute little banner and my goal is to start photo blogging a little. I miss taking pictures I used to take tons but now I've fallen into a routine of work, baby stuff, sleep, and all over again. With no fun in between. It's almost October which means the cold should be coming soon so me, Kirk and Isabella are going to venture out the shore because we haven't gone all summer. Should be fun to walk on the boardwalk and take pictures of stuff. So look forward to some updates on Saturday. Until then I will post some pictures a little later when I make it home from work.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Been busy

So I haven't scrapped lately because I've been busy contemplating what exactly I'm going to be doing on my retreat which is coming up next weekend! So excited to see the girls again! I actually made a couple of kits last night to help keep myself organized and sure enough I went to put my two bags in my luggage and then realized that I couldn't fit any clothes in there haha. So will definitely have to reorganize at least the paper and non threatening things and put that on as a carry on. I wish I could take two luggages but I can't because I won't be the only one in the car and I don't want to cause any issues with spacing and what not. Oh well! So I may have packed too much and will be taking some kits out and maybe working on them at home one day whenever I get to them, hehe.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm on a ROLL!!!!

So I've had a new inspiration to scrap for MYSELF only and that's it! As long as I love my LO's then that's all that matters ... I'm in the I'm happy with me state and forget whatever anyone else may think about my style or level of scrapbooking. I think that some of my stuff may inspire people, I know it inspires me hehe. Oh well hope you enjoy and sorry for the tiny rant ... it's been a looongg day!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I finally did a 12x12 LO, it's been a loooong time and you know what, honestly it felt really good to do a 12x12. I really loved how this came out, you can't tell too much but some of the flowers are actually popped up higher then the reg lo. I got this kit from a kit swap and I absolutely love it and thought the picture went really well with this line.

Friday, September 14, 2007

I've been TAGGED!!!!

So i've been tagged and that means I have to post six interesting things about myself. Hmm what could I possibly tell you guys about myself ...

1. i'm a serious shopaholic, if i could i would buy absolutely everything
2. i envy people that can scrap freely ... i always feel like i hold back or maybe my skill is just not that artsy
3. sometimes i want to run away to the beach and just sit there for hours listening to the ocean and washing my troubles away
4. i feel more freely speaking online then i do in person, i'm not big on confrontation unless it's absolutely needed.
5. i'm really hungry right now and it's 1130 at night, what am i going to do?
6. Last but not least ... lately i've been addicted to CSI: Miami

Now I get to tag some peeps ... therefore i tag ....
and anyone else who feels like tagging people!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Personal Journal

I've had this for a while but never posted it, so I'm posting it (it's my work for today even though I really didn't do it today hehe). I'm just cheating a little bit.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mini Journal

This journal book was inspired by Rachel from Red Velvet Art. I was looking through her flicker album after seeing the wonderful journals she was making to send over to Elsie and discovered one that I absolutely loved. I knew I still had some of the paper left (I used most of it on another project) and decided to give it a try. It's obviously not exactly like her journal but it's very similar and completely inspired by her work. Now if only I could get on that sewing machine and try and atempt one of those beautiful journals that she makes. Maybe one day that will happen, but until them check out my journal that I made using one of the Love Elsie Collections. I love Love Elsie!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Park Tag book

Here is a book I made about our trip to the park, we dodn't go often so everytime is essentially special of course. I have been wanting to use this Martha Stewart paper for some time now and thought it was a very playful line so it would be perfect for park pictures. I like the way it turned out. It was hard to come up with embelishments because I didn't have much that matched but I think all in all it came out quite nice. Maybe this means I have the scrap bug back. I'm going to try and scrap every night. Let's see how that works out!

Gel pens Galore!!!

So this weekend me, my mom, uncle and Kirk and Isabella went to the flea market. I never thought I could find someting so fabulous but yes I did. 100 gel pens in it's own carrying case, I LOVE IT! It's funny because the first time I glanced at it and kept on walking, everyone else was behind me so sure enough Kirk saw it and called out to me, I was like yeah I know I saw it (I'm poor so I was like no I don't have enough cash for that). So we go walk around the rest of the flea market and everywhere I see someone is holding those damn pens, I'm like UGH I have to have it. So when we got to the entrants to leave I said Kirk go buy me those pens I have to have it. His only reply was, "I knew you wanted those!" Lol so here they are.

Halloween Kit

So I started a kit swap of halloween stuff. Here's what I came up with, and then four personal tags that I made for this swap. I almost bought everything for myself as well but of course I only bought half of it haha.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Dora and Isabella

I made this mini book tonight. I had bought this Dora page making kit at Michael's a while back and figured it was about time that I used it. I didn't have many pictures but I think it still turned out pretty good (my printer is on the fritz, I'm quite upset to say the least).

Baltimore Trip Finished

Here are the remainder of the pages I made for the Baltimore mini book. I wish I could have done more but I ran out of that size chipboard, oh well at least I can say I finished it. I did these a while ago, but have been very lazy in taking pictures of them. Hope you all like.