Sunday, November 18, 2007

Chocolate World

So we made it to Hershey PA. I didn't get to meet my whore, but I still went for a day trip with the fam anyway just for fun. And fun we had with lots and lots of chocolate and goodies of course. I bought two Coach bags (one for me and one for my mom for xmas), and then me and my mom bought one for a friend. Then I hit the scrapbook store and was so proud of myself that I didn't over spend too much. After that we were off to Chocolate World, and we had tons of Fun.

Here's a pic of me and my mom on the trolley, I love that she loves going on adventures with me.

Here's a pic of Isabella and Kirk at the lights outside of Hershey park which we didn't go in because it was kind of late and we still had to drive home.

This is a pic of Isabella and Kirk on the Chocolate World tour on how they make the chocolate.

Kirk had to get a picture of Isabella on top of the chocolate piles. I was telling him to get her off that because people buy and eat those candies, but he never listens. I took the pic anyway.

This chocolate was HUGE and HEAVY. It weighed a ton I swear lol. That's something that would last two years or more lol. We should have bought it haha maybe next time.

This is me clocking out of the factory haha.

At the entrance they had a huge christmas tree and I just couldn't resist getting a picture. We did get Isabella with Santa but she started crying when she was alone so Kirk took the pic with her, I'll have to scan that one day.


Michelle said...

Wow that place looks like so much fun. Its too bad that you didn't get to meet up with Chez. Those pictures are so much fun. Congrats on not over spending and getting some Christmas shopping done. :)

Mrs. Chez said...

aww I'm glad you had fun. I managed to get out of bed Sunday and grocery shop blah. My backs still messed up but I'm hoping some holiday cheer*nog* helps out tee hee. How was the store?? Worth the drive if we meet up there again?