Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Little Mermaid

I went to see little mermaid on Broadway unfortunately i don't have pictures because i so brilliantly left my camera at home. i bought a disposable one now i just have to go develop it. who knows how the pictures turned out lol. Maybe I'll go and develop them this weekend. If i remember. Um that's it pretty much.

I'm going to Va beach for my birthday we already booked the room so I'm getting excited about it. i just hope the weather cooperates cause it's may and it was 48 degrees this morning I'm freaking freezing over here i don't know whats going on.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


So for my mother's birthday present I took her to go see Wicked, this musical is forever sold out and has so many great reviews that people really love it. well we went to NY and saw Wicked. i've seen a couple musicals already enough to compare it to. I was actually a little disappointed because it wasn't what I expected, I wanted more. I mean the story was good, it was okay but it wasn't my favorite. I still love Beauty and the Beast more, but it was better than Tarzan, which i didn't like really at all, which i believe isn't even playing anymore lol. Anyway here are some pics from our trip to NY. we saw Spongebob and went to M&M world, but we didn't buy any chocolate lol go figure. We are actually going again in two weeks to see Little Mermaid but she doesn't know that yet because it's her Mother's day gift.


So I told my mom that we were going to take her to Red Lobster to eat dinner for her birthday but I had to stop at her friends house to get something, then SURPRISE! We threw a little party for her. It was a success she was genuinely surprised. Here are some pictures from that. She really lucked out though cause instead of spending 200 bucks at Red Lobster for all of us to eat she got presents and $300 bucks in gift certificates to buy herself things. Success!

Bring Your Child to Work day

So last month it was bring your child to work day. I was a little hesitant because she's such a bad kid sometimes, you know the whole terrible two things but she's really growing up because she was excellent. Isabella stayed with me for a while but then once all the other kids showed up she was gone. Running around the whole office with everyone else. She was really good and even sat down with me a little again later. When we got home she was so unbelievably tired it was too funny. She couldn't even move and was very whiny and tired. It must be hard for her getting up at 530 and running around until 4. We had a good day and I would definitely bring her back next year.