Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My roll has died down

Unfortunately the past two days have been long and long and even longer and I haven't had time to do any scrapbooking, which really sucks because I was on a roll there. Bummer! Isabella didn't feel like going to sleep until like 10 today and after that I was just too tired so I gave up and relaxed and started watching some TV. Don't you just love drama in the kitchen (Top Chef) well don't we just love drama in general haha I know I do. If you have gossip let me know I want to hear it. Just ask any of my whores I always seem to pop in just at the right moment to hear the juicy details. Anywho make sure to check out the new blog Say it in Scrap the first challenge is up soon and there are definitely some goodies to be won!


Misty said...

ah poor cathy ran out of

just blog hopping and thought i'd leave you a little note!

Kristi said...

LOL it's not often that you'll find drama lovers admitting they like drama.

I hate losing steam.....