Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Retreat 2007

So I'm back and exhausted as ever. It's no fun being on a plane forever then having to go straight to work after a very long weekend of scrapbooking and laughing so hard my cheeks hurt. I actually managed to get a lot done (I'm not one of the chatty ones in the group, I just listen and get a lot done haha) I finished 6 mini books and four 12x12 LO's. I'll be posting those a little later today. I'm actually really excited about some of the books I made, others I'm ok with them. I started another but had to stop because I just couldn't finish it, it wasn't coming to me. I think we all had a lot of fun and will definitely have a lot of memories to scrap. Here are a few pictures I stole from the other girls because I haven't had a chance to upload pics yet.

Here's all nine of us at Lolo's a Mexican restaurant in town (you must realize that town is at least an hour away from where we were staying, so it was quite a trip but great scenery).

This was our last day, we figured we would try to get a couple pics together before we left.

There is no better way to scrapbook then with a corona in your hand, just be careful not to take too long to drink it or someone will be sure to ask if you need a nipple for that drink.

Here's me making brownies! They were slightly overcooked so they came out cake-like but it was okay still. My cupcakes were much better, too bad no one took pictures of those, oh well. I'm sure I'll be making more soon for Halloween.

This is me at Michael's, notice how empty my basket is, I was very disappointed with their selection. But what can you do when everything is "hecka" far away but just try and find something you could use. I spent less than 20 so I didn't find that much.

I'll post more pictures that I took later along with my Lo's so you can look forward to that tonight. Oh and if you can believe it, it was actually colder there than it was in Jersey, go figure!!


Michelle said...

I didn't know you made brownies. Was that on Thursday night? I shouldn't talk so much and maybe I'd get more done. You were super productive!

Kristi said...

You've been tagged sistah, check out my blog!