Monday, October 29, 2007

The County Fair Completed

So I finally finished pictures from the county fair, next project will be our adventure to the beach. I'm doing so good because I haven't bought anything new and I've used all old paper. I'm so proud of myself. Here are the rest of my Lo's and I can't wait to make some more. I'm really having fun doing these 12x12's even though they are simple in that they are not super embellished they are perfect for my books. I leave all the embellishments for non eventful things. When working with less pictures I tend to put more, but working with more pictures I'll put less. Thanks for looking.

And Sunday was a BEAUTIFUL day, a little chilly but perfect for pumpkin picking. We never made it to the festival, but we had fun at the pumpkin patch. They had an awesome amount of pumpkins to pick from, and different colors too. Here are a couple of pictures, we'll probably be carving them tomorrow though because I didn't have time today. Much fun to be had, but wow are we cutting it close to Halloween or what haha. Love it!!

See the variety, we found a bunch of funky gourds, me and my mom were having fun with them lol. Isabella went into the little kid maze. It was so cute because she kept going into the dead ends. But she just kept on trucking, it was adorable!


Mika said...

Love the colours of the Lo's so bright feels like summer. Mika (

Michelle said...

I adore the circus lo. That title and photo for the Cheese fry lo are hilarious! You did find a great variety of gourds. So glad you got to a pumpkin patch!