Saturday, October 27, 2007

Rainy Days

Well, today we pretty much got rained out ... no pumpkin picking today! It was non stop pouring until about fourish and the patch closed at five, but you just know they had to be closed because of all the rain. Tomorrow there is hope though. We are going to wake up early hit the patch around 10ish, then off to the halloween festival at the Van Winkle house. Should be fun and hopefully everything will be dry tomorrow. But I did get something done today. Lots and lots of baking. I made chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, and two different kinds of cupcakes (which I have yet to have tasted anything how bad is that). After I made then I was like I hope someone eats them hehe. Me and Kirk had fun decorating the cookies and cupcakes, we are super amateurs so it's totally silly funny ridiculous and childish decorations (his are worse then mines I promise you lol). But either way we had fun making them. Here are pictures of the decorated ones we made.

Tomorrow will definitely consist of many pumpkin pictures (cross fingers)! Especially hope for me that the skies will be blue so the pictures will be beautiful. Speaking of blue skies ...

I don't know if anyone has seen Pushing Daises (new tv show about a guy who can touch a dead person and bring them back to life, but must touch them again within a minute or someone else will die, and once he touches that person if he touches them again he will die that rule is for his childhood sweatheart that he bought back from the dead), the color in that show is so amazing I love how bright everything is.

I just finished watching this really cute Japanese movie, which the Japanese always make such great interesting and very unamerican type movies. I thought it was the cutest thing also having great color and dreamlike sequences. I loved the main character and thought she was absolutely adorable, here's a screen shot of the movie.

Tomorrow I will hopefully be watching Elizabeth and Thr3e so I can return them and get some new movies. I love Netflix!


Michelle said...

Hope you are enjoying the pumpkin patch right now! Those desserts look yummy! And not amateur at all!

Kelly said...

Ooooh fun stuff!! You guys all making these wicked cute halloween goodies make me want to try it! I told Danny this morning I feel like making sugar cookies and cupcakes and decorating them edwards scissor hands

Mrs. Chez said...

dude where is Amy? MINES!? ugh lol Cute cup cakes. I've been meaning to tivo pushing daisies. Is it good other than the colors?