Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Lo's from the Retreat

Here are the Lo's I made at the retreat ...
This is a LO from the weekend before the retreat when we went to the beach. It was her first time there, and our first time there this summer (well technically it was the beginning of fall but you get the idea). Kirk is always good with keeping up with her and chasing her around and having fun, I love taking pictures of the two of them together.

This is one of the pictures that I took in January for a picture a day challenge I was doing, and yes I still have tons from that month that I haven't scrapped yet. But I thought this paper looked really good with this picture so I decided to scrap it finally.

This is another picture of her in her carseat. One of her many uncles gave her this bunny. This is by far one of my favorite lines of paper, it's just too cute and I love browns and the yellows together. Very fall like colors.

Here is the last LO I did, again using the same line of paper as before and extremely simple. The pictures is what I love the most. Her running along the beach trying to chase the birds. I love being able to have moments like this captured in photos.

This double LO was for another circle journal (believe me we probably won't get the originals back till the beginning of next year if we're lucky, too many slackers). The title of the book was to put something you didn't like about the person you love. I put the fact that Kirk sleeps in and I never get to, it's just not fair.

That's all I did at the retreat (well I binded a couple of mini books together but I never physically did any altering to it just binded the pieces together. I had so much fun and got so much done that I can't wait for the next retreat.

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