Monday, October 22, 2007

I Love October!!!

I love the month of October, there is always soooo many things to do. And you always learn new things that you can do later on in the year. So far we've gone apple picking and a corn maze, this past weekend we went to another corn maze, hay ride, pumpkin picking, build your own scarecrow, and even did a sack race. Too much fun I love OCTOBER!!!! I just sent out for a lot of pictures too so expect some October LO's finally! He he. Here are a couple of pictures from our fabulous weekend and next weekend will be even better.

Next weekend we're going pumpkin picking again, because I was really disappointed with the way the farm did their pumpkins (it's almost as if they just picked it themselves and laid them around sporadically, I want to pick it off the vine myself lol), and we'll also be going to a Halloween festival at the Van Winkle House (supposed haunted house by the canal). It's cute because it's totally for kids, they get to paint pumpkins, play games for silly little kid prizes and I might even do the tour of the house or something, not sure yet depends if they upped the price yet again. I'm telling you everyone is out to make a quick buck here and t here. Oh well that's life right!


Happy Traveller said...

How fun! I would love to do stuff like that, having Isa is great excuse to get out and do all of that silly stuff.
Plus, you get some great scrappin' picks. I too love fall, it is my favorite season.

Michelle said...

Love that last picture of you! Hope you get better pumpkin picking! And sorry we couldn't stay the weekend and try to meet up with you, Kirk, and Isabella. You know I totally wanted to but I can't take any weekends off until the new year. Holidays are approaching!