Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Put on Hold

So there have been a lot of Family issues that have been going on and have deterred (sp?) me from doing my next 50. It's been issues galore left and right. We're all trying to deal with it and move on with our lives but as of my last few LO's I haven't really done anything and honestly I'm going to try and do something every night but its getting harder and harder. Hopefully when everything calms down and the norm sets in I can get things done. There's a lot of rearranging going on. My daughter will finally have her own room, so that should be interesting to find out how she reacts to having her own room. Me and Kirk bought a rug last night and it was crazy trying to get it into my Corolla LOL. Needless to say we had to fold the hell out of it and drive home quickly (in the rain no less) to make sure no creases would stay in the rug. It's cute I think it was called pebble sand or something like that from the Home DePOT (that's how I pronounce it for fun). And we got some white paint tonight we will be shopping for some bedding for her new toddler bed (she won't be sleeping in it yet but still needs to look pretty). Fun times ahead, fun times. (As I say with a blank look on my face because I'm still reeling emotionally from this weekend but it too shall pass) Anywho cross your fingers that I can do some work tonight, at least maybe catch up with my paper adventures I'm truly slacking!


Kristi said...

Crossing my fingers!

Michelle said...

Hope everything works out!