Thursday, February 14, 2008

I've got the Crave

No, not for White Castle although that almost sounds yummy right now because I'm starving. I've got the crave to scrapbook. It's been days thanks to my every loving sick boyfriend. I swear when he's home I can't get anything done especially when he's sick. He's a bigger baby than Isabella LOL. It's a cold cold day today, supposedly more snow either tomorrow or this weekend I can't remember. But another weekend wasted. Maybe I can get everything out and organize it, LOL as if I have the patience for that but I will try of course. Today is Valentine's day and I really had a mini album planned but everytime I was going to start it my boyfriend would come home from work cause he was sick. Ugh so forget that idea. Tomorrow is my friends birthday, I was contemplating making something for her but again no time to do it in. Maybe if my bf finally goes to work and actually stays there and my daughter can go to sleep at a decent hour I can work something out and make her a quick mini album of something. We'll see what the day turns up. Damn I'm cold .. someone come be my valentinge lol. You know I really wish my boyfriend would be romantic sometimes you know I've never gotten flowers at work how awesome would that be to show off in front of everyone. To show people hey I'm loved aren't you jealous cause come on that's the only reason we do things like that it's to make other people jealous like crap why don't I have that you know. Ha ha but alas I highly doubt it will ever happen. Even if I leave hints it just won't happen. Oh well it's just another day I guess, so happy v-day to those out there that are actually celebrating it, i'm jealous. Nuff said.

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