Monday, January 28, 2008


Can you believe I'm already at 43. I'm so excited, I'm actually contemplating moving it to 100 LO's before I go shopping. I'm just so happy to be using old paper and trying to get rid of my stash. I think I'm just going to keep going with it and if I want to buy I'll buy in limited amounts. I know I will def buy when I get my tax return back. I'll go bananas on those thickers lol. I desperately need an update on my thickers stash. Also when I get my tax return I think the number one thing I'll be buying is D Ring binders. All my LO's right now for a very long time I mean more than a hundred for sure are just sitting in a file drawer dying to be organized. That should def be a fun day. Thanks for checking out my Lo's it's been fun!


Roni said...

thx for your suggestion!! btw, love the way you titled your lo- sour f8ced grl! too cute!

Michelle said...

I think you're crazy to want to change it to 100! But then again, you scrap 12x faster than me. Love how you used the 8 in face.