Thursday, January 10, 2008


So I made tow more journals today. I think they are totally cute and I love them. I might keep them who knows. I'll decide tomorrow I guess LOL.
I couldn't resist posting this picture of my daughter. I was drying my mothers hair today while baking cookies and watching my daughter. Yes I'm a total multi tasker. Well I turned around to do a certain section of my mothers hair. I moved over and my mother says, "OMG what happened!" Sure enough I turn around to see this. She took her yogurt and put it all over her hair like gel. She saw me doing my mothers hair and wanted to do her own hair. Oh it was a mess but I love her for being so silly LOL. It matched her pj's.


Jenni said...

What a mess! But she sure is adorable. :) Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Chez said...

omg LOL!!! I love those journals. Good job on the stash diet whore bag!