Wednesday, January 9, 2008


So I was on a roll tonight, I didn't want to stop but I had to because Kirk was on his way home and he hates seeing the room a complete mess. So in my group we've been having a different challenge every day. The following two is for Thursday and Friday's challenge due dates. I am finally getting things done and I'm loving it. Also I FINALLY used some pirate stuff. I bought all the lines cause I'm a shopaholic but have yet to use it until now and I think it's pretty cute IMO. The second LO is a Thanksgiving lo, I just really liked the way Isabella was crawling on the couches and at one point she was crawling towards me and I snapped this real quick. She will jump on anything, crawl on anything, walk on anything she is one hyper kid.

This is something I tried making after I saw a tutorial. I think it's cute. I printed out two pictures of vintage ads and cut about 50 pages and bound it together to make a journal. I thought it came out so nice and I just can't wait to make some more. I was ready to make the next one but then realized it was almost midnight. So it was time to clean up and this is all I could make today.


Jessica said...

that turkey layout is ADORABLE!!!!

camport said...

LOVE the Turkey LO and what a sweet little Pirate you have. TFS