Sunday, July 6, 2008

gift favors (photos yippee)

Here are the favors I did for Isabella's second birthday party. It was a pillow box with a 3x3 maze book on the inside. It was totally cute and everyone absolutely loved it. Inside I didn't take pics of but it's a baby picture from her announcement letter, a picture from her first birthday party and a picture of her recently taken within the last two weeks.

I made this birthday cake for the party it took three days to make but I loved it. It was five layers and was made with love. It was really the best and coolest cake I've ever made. I also made a barbie cake

The party was definitely a hit we had a great time. It's been many long weeks working on this party and I'm definitely happy it's finally over and done with and now I can go back to saving money for my vacation in August I'm going to Cancun.

She was super shy when they were singing happy birthday to her. There were a lot of people and she didn't know what to do. She knew it was her birthday because for the past week she's been singing happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me. Everywhere we go of course. It's really cute though. She had a great time with all the little kids running around. She doesn't usually have kids to play with because everyone is so far away one day I will get her into a program that she can interact with other kids but for right now money is just not available for that.

I love this picture of her she always has the best facial expressions. She's such a good girl ... most of the time haha. But I love her anyways even when she's bad and I have no patience. She's 2 what can I expect lol.


Momma Twitch said...

THAT IS A FREAKIN AWESOME CAKE!!!! I might have to theif that idea!!

Michelle said...

WOW Cathy. You did an incredible job with everything. What a memorable birthday. Those cakes are amazing and huge! So glad it was a fab day for Isa.