Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Fun!

I'll be posting pictures of Lo's I did this weekend a little later when I get home. But man what is up with the freaking weather, some serious weird stuff is going on.

So one of my whores came over this weekend ... she got some great homemade grub and we got some lo's done which is always a plus. The balloon festival was good, we didn't go at night but that's ok cause we got pictures of all the balloons during the morning ascension. I think if I go again next year I will only be going to the night one since I haven't been able to see them at night. Can't wait to share the pictures!!!! We did some shopping too, not a lot though gotta keep a tight hand on my cash right now, saving up for when I leave for Cancun!!!

We had a good time though for sure. We need to do it more often though, maybe I'll actually get more stuff done if someone else is around. That's what I think anyway. And I think our significant others would get along great, she thinks so too. We need to go site seeing somewhere I don't know somewhere haha.

After my friend left Kirk was begging me to go out so we decided to go down to the Beach where his friend was heading to. So we were driving down to the beach yesterday and it was fine, a little cloudy nothing more. Then the darkness came then the HARD hitting rain (only to find out after a minute that there was some hail in that rain storm) There was so much rain it was really hard to see except when I yelled to Kirk "TREE ON THE ROAD!!! TREE ON THE ROAD!!!" Apparently a minute before we got that part a lightning bolt had struck the tree and down onto the road it went. Thank god it didn't go deeper into the median or we wouldn't have been able to go around it. So we are moving super super slow with our hazard lights on as is everyone else who is NOT pulled over to the side of the road (let me tell you the majority of people was pulled over). So I see a break in the clouds and luckily it's an exit that we can take to go to the beach which is where we were heading anyway. So we take it and there is flooding on that road. So much so that only one side of the road is open we finally make it through and think we have braved the storm, but nope, once we hit Point Pleasant it starts to rain again (that's the beach town). We pay for parking and sit in the car praying that it will stop raining eventually. After a while we gave up and said screw it we're hungry we are going to make a run for it. So we did and we ate and it was still raining a little bit but then it cleared and everything was good again. We even saw some drunk people fighting saying they weren't drunk with their sober friends. It's hilarious how some people could get so damn intoxicated and in public and soooooo early in the evening, well i can't even call it evening it was still afternoon. Then you're done for the rest of the day. That sux.

Anyhow then after hitting the arcade and winning over 10,000 in ticket points we went to catch up with our friends who were on the other side fishing. Isabella caught a fish (pictures to come later of the day).

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Kelly said...

I can't wait to see pics...get em up!