Thursday, June 26, 2008


So I'm a slacker, sue me LOL. No don't I don't have any money to give you haha. I hate this bi-weekly pay thing cause it's just really hard for me haha. I'm used to having money every week like clockwork, you know that way i know what I can and cannot spend. Even though I totally overdid it last week when I went to the expo and hung out with the girls, we or maybe I shopped way too much. But it was definitely a bonus for me because I haven't shopped in like forever. So it was good now all I need to do is find the time to scrap. And take pix of the stuff I did before but have been lazy to do so. Soon I promise! Right now I'm working on 24 Maze books which will be the gift favors for the grown ups for my daughters 2nd birthday. I'm improvising and making them out of whatever I have. For example I'm abusing Basic Grey on it because I'm semi over it and just want to get rid of it as quickly as possible, so this definitely felt like the best way to get rid of old BG paper. I'll definitely take a picture of them when I'm done because I'm putting way too much work into it and I just know that some of the people who will get it will not even appreciate it or who knows I might evn get some people who want to buy some for their own kids cross fingers haha. It's all about the money some times, someone has to pay for my addiction (scrapbooking). Anywho so I'm going to try and finish those tonight and then I'll take some pictures and post and post ones of my previous lo's as well. I need to get back into the groove of things and that crop really helped. I just wish I had that more often. It really helps to get away and do something you love doing.

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Michelle said...

Let's see some pictures. You've had a three day weekend, haven't you? :D