Monday, June 23, 2008

I heart Crops

So I officially love scrapbooking with other people because it definitely makes you more productive. I think I got about 7 layouts done this weekend when meeting some whores. We had a good time, I'm bummed that I missed their DC "hike" but I had to work and couldn't get there any earlier. The drive down was hard because I was so tired but on the way back it wasn't so bad. I think it's definitely something we need to do more often for sure. I'll post pics (they have all of them hopefully they will share when they get a chance) and pics of the LO's I finished. Oh and I love how they tell me your LO's are so cute in real life but they look like crap online LOL. Don't worry one day I'll get a better scanner or actually have time during the day to take pictures. Probably not today since yet again we will be having thunderstorms and I'm so over the rain already. There's been some seriously flooding and light outages around me (not to me personally but around me). Any who let me try and get some work done. I'll update later.


Michelle said...

LOL sounds like loads of fun. Send the rain this way. We're having a big drought. Looking forward to seeing all the photos!

aja said...

i totally have to be with other people to crop, too!
so glad you all had a good time...
totally jealous i wasn't there!