Monday, March 24, 2008

Organization part II

Well it's going good. I'm getting there I should be done by this weekend. Only thing I can't finish is transferring all the Lo's to d-ring binders because well I just didn't buy enough. I might need about 7 more LOL. I originally only bought 4. Next time I have a little bit of extra cash I could definitely get that done. Crosses fingers again. But I did get a lot done. I redid all my ribbon into containers by color. I separated a LOT of brads into baby jars by colors (I still have about two other organizer boxes of brads to get organized). And odds and ends here but it's looking good. I even put a picture frame up of my whores that I love. man I had so much fun scrapping today. You never realize how much that time alone when your significant other is out of the house and working is so necessary for you. because when he's here I just can't seem to get anything done because he's always in the way but when he's not around I get sooo much done and my daughter gets to sleep at a decent time instead of whenever because he's too busy playing with her. I think that's the longest run on sentence I've ever made hahaa. Anywho grammar police please stay away lol. Hope everyone had a great Easter, I know Isabella had a great time opening all her Easter baskets and hunting for eggs. Here's a couple pictures of her. She's too adorable sometimes.

This is Isabella at the Van Winkle House with Mr. Bunny. She was only semi scared lol.

This is her in her Easter dress, I had to put a shirt under it because let's face it .. it's only pretend Spring because it's still pretty cold outside lol.

Some of her many baskets. I wish I had that many when I was her age. I usually only got one but not her, she gets one from everyone.

Hunting for eggs around the living room. Everyone was throwing eggs in her basket to get the her with the flow. But could you believe even with everyone helping her she still didn't get the most eggs. She even had the biggest basket to pick eggs in, oh well there's always next year!


Marieke Vermeulen said...

I hope you and your family had a nice Easter too!


dori said...

dude... how many baskets did she get? what a little lady sitting so pretty!