Sunday, October 5, 2008

Apple Picking 2008 (photo heavy)

So we decided on this beautiful day (saturday) to go apple picking. we went to the same place we went to last year and it was great. because this year we went early and there were tons and tons of apples to choose from. last time there weren't many left, still a good amount but not like this time. it was fun and there were so many people there it's like everyone decided to go pick apples that day. i guess it's because it's the first nice saturday that we've had in a while. the usual suspects went, me kirk isabella my mom and my uncle. here are some of the pictures i took. i think they came out pretty good too if i do say so myself lol. i didn't pick as much personally maybe three or four but i was more preoccupied with taking pictures. enjoy more to come with pumpkin picking coming up soon.

Also we cut Isabella's hair. well trimmed the front so that she could see better. even though this isn't the first time her hair has been trimmed it's definitely the first time that i've seen it being done so it's the first time that i was able to take a picture of it. only one though because she kept wanting the camera and she wasn't supposed to move if we were cutting her hair.


Momma Twitch said...

That's a good picture of you and Kirk. It'd be a good one to scrap. :) Any tips for when you go apple picking?? I want to go so bad!

Boriquaz said...

my tip would be to eat as many as you can ... and don't buy tooo many unless ur making pie or something like that haha. It's a yummy thing to do!

Holly said...

SO fun! We're going apple picking this weekend, and I can't wait! I'm an apple-picking virgin. LOL! Fortunately, they have a pumpkin patch at the orchard, so we can knock all of that out in one day!