Sunday, November 9, 2008

Picture heavy

She is just too young to be like this already - talking on the phone all comfortable on the bed with her legs crossed ... she's just too much and she's only two.
I don't know what it is about babies but she loves them all, she has like five babies and i'm sure for Christmas she will have five more.
Here we are carving pumpkins ... i think i was the only one who finished actually carving a pumpkin i dont know i think we started too late and everyone was way too tired to actually finish a pumpkin so they all pretty much sucked this year.

Here is Isabella in her sparkly witch costume - which by the way we found at the flea market for ten bucks brand new. cause who uses a costume more than once. she looked great in it and she had a great time running from house to house yelling trick or treat and happy halloween. it's just too funny. we all had a great time taking her around, even if she got tired after going around ONE block lol but we convinced her to keep going and by the end she was ready to go home and so were we.

here's her and her grandmother - who by the way did not go trick or treating with us. she was stuck giving out the candy, lucky her.

So i'm hoping Isabella will go to sleep early tomorrow and I will be able to do some scrap pages with these pictures - after i buy some ink of course. until then hopefully i won't take longer in updating my blog.


Kristi said...

Her little costume is adorable! And definitely worth the $10 - cause really who will fit in it again?! She's getting so big it seems so fast. Enjoy the youth cause she'll be grown up in no time. Miss ya whore.

dori said...

she sooo big now!!!
(yeah, diego does that thing with the phone too... loves to talk!)

Michelle said...

Totally cute outfit! Loved seeing all the photos. Looking forward to the los too.