Monday, September 10, 2007

Gel pens Galore!!!

So this weekend me, my mom, uncle and Kirk and Isabella went to the flea market. I never thought I could find someting so fabulous but yes I did. 100 gel pens in it's own carrying case, I LOVE IT! It's funny because the first time I glanced at it and kept on walking, everyone else was behind me so sure enough Kirk saw it and called out to me, I was like yeah I know I saw it (I'm poor so I was like no I don't have enough cash for that). So we go walk around the rest of the flea market and everywhere I see someone is holding those damn pens, I'm like UGH I have to have it. So when we got to the entrants to leave I said Kirk go buy me those pens I have to have it. His only reply was, "I knew you wanted those!" Lol so here they are.

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Michelle said...

These pens are awesome! I don't own them but I've used them and I want them too. Congrats!