Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Been busy

So I haven't scrapped lately because I've been busy contemplating what exactly I'm going to be doing on my retreat which is coming up next weekend! So excited to see the girls again! I actually made a couple of kits last night to help keep myself organized and sure enough I went to put my two bags in my luggage and then realized that I couldn't fit any clothes in there haha. So will definitely have to reorganize at least the paper and non threatening things and put that on as a carry on. I wish I could take two luggages but I can't because I won't be the only one in the car and I don't want to cause any issues with spacing and what not. Oh well! So I may have packed too much and will be taking some kits out and maybe working on them at home one day whenever I get to them, hehe.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Teehee. I haven't tried putting everything in yet, but I can see how you'd have a problem! I'm looking forward to meeting you. So close!