Monday, August 6, 2007

Library Pocket Project

So we did a library pocket buy in, and I just had to have a couple sets of ten. My friend was making these great books out of them and I thought I would copy her idea. Even though it's not exactly the same (she only used the pockets where I put cardstock behind them to make the book fuller) I think that my little book came out kinda cute. I used Love Elsie's Betty line.

Can't wait to do the next one, I'm on a mini book kick, Lo's are so not my interest right now. It's all about the mini book of events. It's more fun and honestly I feel like I've acomplished more if I finish a mini book. Where as the Layouts are sitting in a file drawer in a huge pile not sorted or put into books. One day I will feel the need to put them in books but then I'll have to go buy them cause I have none. Anyway enough of me rambling hopefully you will like what I did with my library pockets.


Michelle said...

Loving this mini book. I love the cardstock as well!

Marie said...

Bad ass is all i have to say! :)