Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Ok, so for this one I went for the gold, I took a note from Phelps and said I want it all ahha. I did this LO for I think like three challenges haha. Hopefully someone likes it enough. I actually had to redo this cause my beautiful lovely daughter got hold of some paint and sure enough painted all over the pictures, she's such a sweetheart isn't she. Got to love those terrible twos haha. So this is my youngest half brother and his girlfriend this weekend at my cousins house. He was so into playing this game that my cousin had that he didn't even notice that we were doing things behind his back and taking pictures of it. LOL she is too funny (his girlfriend).

I did this challenge for Gettin Sketchy the sketch obviously, Magestical Memories - circle, bright colors and Laugh, Method Playground - bows. I think it turned out really nice. I don't usually like multi photo layouts but it didn't turn out half bad hehe. Let's hope someone out there likes it :-)!

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