Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm not lost

I've been MIA for a bit now it's only cause I have a new job and I've been trying to get used to the hours (7-4 I used to do 8-5) and the drive (I went from 15 minutes to an hour away) and the job (I went from a much more technologically advanced company to one that is still in major developments which makes things a little bit harder) in general. I did about I don't know maybe 4 lo's I haven't scanned them but I did take pictures of them and I'll post tonight after I get home (whenever that might be lol). At least I've done something but they aren't that detailed but I like them just the same Most of the paper is the prize pack that I received from Scrapping the Music. I haven't even looked at a challenge blog in almost 2 weeks ... that's bad for me because I'm usually the one stalking them. You know that lurker that is always online but you don't know who it is ha-ha. Yeah that's me.
Tonight I have a business dinner with my old job. My ex boss is leaving and they are having a going away dinner for it I hope I don't forget about it on my way home. That would be weird. One person thinks they are going to try and offer me my job back but I highly doubt it and do I really want to go back to that uncertainty I don't think so. I need stability sure it would be nice to have a home office, sure it would be nice to get more money, sure it would be nice to cut the commute down but what if it’s only a temporary position that will be eliminated in the near future. Like no thanks buddy you know. If they do it would just have to be something that would take a while to think about. And I would feel soooo unbelievably guilty because I just accepted this job could I honestly without giving it a shot say goodbye to it? Ughh I hate being put in positions like this between a rock and a hard place. Why couldn’t they think of this before I said I was leaving because back then they couldn’t give three flying fucks. We shall see hopefully it’s going to be a good dinner cause I’m just angry just thinking about them even contemplating asking me back.

I need to get some work done and go to the bathroom and go take lunch so ttyl.

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Michelle said...

An hour commute? Ick! My last day is tomorrow because I can't stand my hour commute to my job. I hope you like to drive and don't mind the cost of gas. Or at least hope they make it worth your while. Sounds very familiar. Miss you! And look forward to seeing your los!