Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas Cards

So my mom was telling me today after dinner she was going to start addressing her cards, I'm like OMG cards. I should probably get those started so I can mail them out on Monday. So that is my project at the moment. I finished seven today. they are simple and fit into a regular letter envelope, the cards are cut to fit the envelope and are bi fold. I'm using all Figgy Pudding line from Basic Grey to get my cards completed this year. (Lo's I'm planning on using Love Elsie's Christmas line can't wait to get those pictures taken and scrapped just so I could use the line soon)


Michelle said...

So pretty! I like the shape of them too.

Kristi said...

Overacheiver, already done with your cute Christmas cards, psh.

Holly said...

That new Figgy Pudding line is SO on my Christmas wish list! I absolutely love all of the cards you did!