Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Redo of first LO ever!!!

So I had a challenge to redo my first layout ever. I searched high and low through all my books to find the oldest ones. I think this is the first one because this was before any of my vacation trips that I had scrapped, which was why I started scrapping to begin with. Here is my original Layout ...

This is me redoing it 3 years later, I like both but that's just me :-)

Unfortunately I didn't have the cutouts from the first LO because it was from the playbill book, and I thought I had found it while I was cleaning. Actually I'm pretty sure I found it but I've abandonded my cleaning for a few days and someone so graciously threw it away and I couldn't find it. So Se la vi! I did the best I could. For the redo page I just want to make sure to give credit where credit was due because I did scrap lift off of Nmink100 on Two Peas, that's the link to her LO that I lifted. I just hope if someone ever lifts my ideas that they too would credit me even if I never knew about it hehe.

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