Wednesday, February 4, 2009

From Bad to Bad

I leave one company where they kept telling me i was on the list to be fired but wasn't fired because i left before i could and sure enough i go to another job where now today alone about 10 people were fired there are now only about 35 people in the office all together. they say we are safe but one never knows. so i went from bad to bad. they tell us now that we are safe that the people who are left are going to be the people who are left, at least for a long while i guess. but they cut down our days off, they raised our hours and now we have more work to do. i guess this is the economy hitting us hard because that's what jobs are now - doing more work and getting paid the same. it sux i have the biggest headache ever and i had to go to lunch before i started to cry for my friends that were leaving. it was just sad all around. it's been a loooong day.


Kelly said...

that sucks dude!!

Michelle said...

I'm so sorry that your friends were laid off. Try not to live in fear of loosing your job. It won't help anything. Good luck!

Holly said...

I'm so sorry to hear that, sweetie! Keep your chin up... I know that's easier said than done. This economy just plain sucks right now. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts! ((((hugs)))