Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My cake

Turned out great, I'll have to upload pics when I get home (at least they are on my comp that's a step up lol) it was a hit at the party. I could have done better but for my first time you know I tried. Plus not to mention I did a three layer square instead of a two layer round. Next time I will make it round though. Square was really hard. So I have to upload my atc pics lately too i have tons. I've been contemplating about doing 1 a day. obviously it can't start on the 1st since it's already the 27th but i can start feb 1 and do it that way. Also I've been contemplating doing a journal prompt type thingy. Maybe. We shall see what happens. I can always start things it's just finishing them that is the problem. hehe. obviously.

will update more after lunch ...

here's the birthday girl .. oh to be 15 again how differently i would do some things and then pictures of just the cake from the front and from the sides. again i'm not a professional but i think it turned out quite nice.

Here's a picture of my little helper lol. She is such a mess but too funny for words sometimes. She wanted to ice some of the cupcakes so i gave her some of the extras and let her have at it.

I love baking but i really have to be in the mood for it. We'll see what the next project will be.

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Kristi said...

Damn dude, your cake came out fabu!